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Forex trading online is a interesting way to trade en speculate at the foreign exchange market world wide. For more information about trading our blog listing here will help you to find interesting blogs about forex trading.

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Being the Most Powerful AI Robot for the Forex Market, RoFx Beats Its Competitors

"The following post is a paid advertisement. The content was provided by the advertiser. As stated by Wikipedia, RoFx is an electronic automated trading Forex r..."

What are the benefits of using a VPS server for trading?

"Trading is a business that takes much time, study and a great control of your emotions. All this can be ruled out with the use of an automatic trading system. But what exactly is a software for automa..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2017-05-24 11:25
Tags: automated trading, trading, trading system

CFTC Approves Supplemental Proposal to Automated Trading Regulation

"The proposal is designed to address the increased use of automated trading in the markets. "

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2016-11-04 20:17
Tags: automated trading, market, trading

CFTC Chief Massad Sees Validity in Tempered Regulations of Automated Trading

"Mr. Massad took new aim at automated trading, including rolling back a segments of a multi-tiered proposal for regulation."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2016-10-24 19:28
Tags: automated trading, trading

LCH Obtains SFC Licence as an Automated Trading Services Provider

"The exchange is now authorised to provide automated trading services in Hong Kong via its SwapClear and ForexClear services."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2016-09-01 11:30
Tags: automated trading, forex, trading

Technology Tools in FX ? Social and Automated Trading

"Social and automated trading offer different things to different traders, and can help brokers with conversion and retention. "

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2016-08-29 10:02
Tags: automated trading, brokers, trading

Electronic Trading Provider Horizon Partners With KGI Securities

"Thai brokerage KGI Securities has become the latest firm to partner up with Horizon Automated Trading"

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2016-08-25 23:51
Tags: automated trading, trading

Citadel in Talks to Buy Citigroup?s Automated Trading Desk

"Citadel has reportedly moved in on Automated Trading Desk in a move to expand its market-making operations."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2016-05-11 11:25
Tags: automated trading, market, report, trading

European Regulators Focus on Automated Trading Ahead of MiFID II

"The majority of EU regulators have integrated the European Securities and Markets Authority guidelines into their supervisory methods and increased their level of supervision over automated trading ac..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2015-03-19 15:03
Tags: automated trading, forex, market, rate, trading

How to Kill a Trade?

"Automated trading systems are there to make your life easier and allow you to put emotions aside. Better trading - or not? What are your thoughts? Read more The post How to Kill a Trade? appeared fir..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2015-03-01 20:21
Tags: automated trading, forex, trading, trading system

TickCom to Deliver a Copy and Social Trading Alternative to the Market

"The firm is delivering to retail brokers a new product designed to provide an alternative solution for automated trading which gives full strategy development control to the end clients without requir..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2015-02-27 16:44
Tags: automated trading, brokers, forex, market, rate, trading

Autochartist Partners with Te Mata to Deliver Automatic Chart Pattern Trading Platform

"Automated trading is gaining traction as the veteran provider of pattern recognition software is now delivering a full platform suite developed in partnership with a New Zealand software company. Rea..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2015-02-03 20:40
Tags: automated trading, forex, trading

Fixnetix Gains Service Provider Status at CME?s Hosting Facility for Managed Services & Colocation

"Automated trading firms will benefit from access to global markets through Fixnetix?s new solutions at the CME Hosting Facility. The firm has been recognised with service provider status. Read more Th..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2014-11-05 23:24
Tags: automated trading, forex, market, trading

Technical & Automated Traders Benefit from Oanda?s New MT4 Server- Supports 5 Day Candles

"Oanda expands the number of servers available for traders on MT4. The brokerage firm offers charting with five daily candles per week, supports advanced technical analysis and automated trading soluti..."

Open House At The CFTC: Public Meeting To Be Held On Automated Trading & SEFs

"With HFT and automated trading high on the agenda in most regulatory jurisdictions, the CFTC has announced that it will hold a public meeting in Washington DC on January 21 on the subject. Will the US..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2014-01-08 18:12
Tags: automated trading, trading

TickCOM Scores Deal With CFH Clearing, To Provide iSTRAT For ClearVision Suite

"The UK FCA regulated Prime of Prime solutions provider, under the CFH Group of companies, plans to integrate a 3rd party solution for automated trading strategies geared at complementing its existing..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-12-11 10:15
Tags: automated trading, rate, trading

A Black Box Future? TickCOM Launches iSTRAT

"Back in January, Forex Magnates reported that TickCOM, was planning on entering the retail market with the launch of automated trading products. The firm is currently launching its iSTRAT product to..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-11-07 22:54
Tags: automated trading, forex, market, report, trading

CFTC Goes In Depth on Risk Control Measures For Automated Trading

"Financial markets regulators in the United States have published a concept release on risk controls and system safeguards for automated trading environments. The CFTC considers this necessary at a tim..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-09-09 20:06
Tags: automated trading, financial, market, trading

Algos Go Retail ? Seer Trading Launching Retail Focused Platform

"Joining the ranks of retail focused algorithmic platforms comes Seer Trading. The platform was designed for building, back testing, optimizing, and deploying automated trading strategies. Read more &..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-08-14 09:08
Tags: automated trading, rate, trading

Ex-SunGard Executive Janice Robson Appointed CEO of Embium

"Canadian cloud-based automated trading technology company Embium yesterday announced the appointment of Ex-SunGard executive Janice Robson as Chief Executive Officer with the remit of expanding the bu..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-07-31 09:44
Tags: automated trading, point, trading

Celoxica Hires Diance Saucier to Lead US Business Development

"Celoxica, a provider of low latency market data, order entry and pre-trade risk solutions for automated trading firms and brokers, announced that it has hired Diane Saucier, to head its business devel..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-06-17 16:33
Tags: automated trading, brokers, market, trading

FXone Wants to Run Your Expert Advisors

"In the world of retail forex automated trading, Expert Advisors claim a commanding market share. However, there are a growing list of products catering to systematic traders. We take a look at FXone..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-06-06 14:26
Tags: automated trading, forex, market, share, spread, trading

Zambia Joins Africa?s Growing Currency Traders ? Launches FX Futures

"Zambia’s Bond and Derivatives Exchange enters the world of derivatives as the African nation plans to launch currency futures on its fully automated trading platform in mid-June. Read more ̷..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-06-05 21:21
Tags: automated trading, currency, trading

RTS Realtime Systems to Establish Data Center in Dubai with DGCX

"The new data center will be co-located with the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, a move that comes on the back of a significant amount of growth in demand for low latency automated trading solutio..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-05-22 23:46
Tags: automated trading, gold, trading

Dukascopy Smiles to Programmers, Launches Visual JForex

"Swiss forex broker Dukascopy Bank SA has released a unique tool for fans of automated trading ? the Visual JForex, which, as its name suggests, allows programming in a more friendly, graphical way. Th..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2013-04-18 08:29
Tags: automated trading, bank, dukascopy, forex, rate, trading

S&P Capital IQ?s Real Time Solutions Announces Advanced Genetic Algorithm Capabilities

"S&P Capital IQ?s Real Time Solutions has announced the latest release of its automated trading platform. QuantFACTORY 5.3.2 includes a number of new features, based on continuous client feedback a..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-04-17 10:58
Tags: automated trading, trading

All Options Deploys Tbricks Equity Options Marketing Making Platform

"Tbricks, a provider of automated trading systems, announces its partnership with All Options International, an international market maker providing liquidity to key European ?nancial derivatives marke..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-04-02 18:38
Tags: automated trading, market, trading, trading system

FXone Partners With Hotspot FX ? Gets FIX Certified

"Automated trading platform provider FXone has announced that they have successfully completed FIX certification with Hotspot FX. FXone users will now be able to access both Hotspot?s FX ECN pricing as..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-03-18 14:45
Tags: automated trading, trading

Geneva Energy Markets Deploys StreamBase for Oil Futures Trading

"StreamBase Systems  announces that Geneva Energy Markets, LLC (GEM), one of the leading oil traders in the world, has deployed StreamBase for their automated trading infrastructure. The system helps G..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-03-05 08:16
Tags: automated trading, market, oil, trading

TickCOM To Enter the Retail Market with Products for Automated Trading

"TickCOM is a privately owned Danish company which was founded in 2005, with its focus on the development and provision of technologies for the visual development of indicators, trading strategies and..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-01-24 12:38
Tags: automated trading, indicators, rate, trading

FXone Merges into Global Investment Bank

"FXone, the company that provides the only full featured, broker neutral automated trading platform using standard spreadsheet logic for all development, announced that it has agreed to be acquired by..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-01-11 16:20
Tags: automated trading, bank, investment, rate, spread, trading

Automated Trading Championship 2012 ? Results

"The Automated Trading Championship 2012 has come to end this Friday, December 28. It was the best ATC contest for my expert advisors and the first one where my ..."

Trader Interview: $600 to $600,000 in Six Years.

"The ability to learn a system and then design a solution to master it is the key to many mathematical formulae. For this particular forex trader, automated trading and algorithms have been his forte..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2012-12-24 14:39
Tags: automated trading, forex, forex trade, trading

ATC2012 Has Started!

"The Automated Trading Championship 2012 has started today. Only 451 participants (out of more than 3,600 registrants) were admitted — others failed to submit either correct i..."

Tbricks Connects with Nordea FX

"Tbricks, the provider of automated trading systems, has announced that it has added Nordea FX to its list of certified trading venues. The integration allows clients using Tbricks’ trading syste..."

Sharpen Your Automated Trading Skills At CitiFX Seminar

"If you are involved with automated trading, or looking for ways to enter the industry, CitiFX is hosting a ?Systematic Trading Seminar? in London next week. The Event will be held on September 12th an..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2012-09-06 10:39
Tags: automated trading, rate, trading

Why ATC 2012 Selection of Currency Pairs Sucks

"About a year ago, I have written an article with some criticism points about the MetaQuotes’ Automated Trading Championship. Among other things, a poor selection of ..."

Hong Kong Regulator to Monitor Algorithmic Trading

"Hong Kong’s financial regulator is the latest watch dog to give automated trading a run for its money. The regulator has drafted a consultation paper wich outlines significant procures it intend..."

High Frequency back on the Agenda for European Regulator

"The thought of ultra fast machines dictating the financial markets is headline news (again) as regulators from Germany highlight the need for monitoring the lighting speed-trading strategies that pose..."

Do Not Forget to Register for ATC 2012

"MetaQuotes has opened the registration process for the Automated Trading Championship 2012 yesterday. Every trader and EA developer will have time until September 21st to subm..."

MetaQuotes Updates Rules for ATC 2012

"With less than a month left until the opening of registration for the 6th Automated Trading Championship, its host, MetaQuotes, announces some interesting changes —..."

FXone releases spreadsheet trading platform ? free for FXCM and Gain clients

"FXone’s platform is a very interesting one. It’s pretty easy and straightforward on one hand but utilizes spreadsheet capabilities allowing you to automate trades as if they were excel fun..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2012-03-28 12:06
Tags: automated trading, rate, spread, trading

ATC 2012 Is on Its Way

"If someone missed the news, MetaQuotes has announced that the Automated Trading Championship 2012 will be held this year. The registration will start on June 4 and the ac..."

Man vs Machine ? The Future of Algorithmic Trading

"Hi everyone. Did you know that as of September 2010, 56% of daily NYSE trading volume was due to the use of high-frequency trading systems. Automated trading systems are not just used in the stock ma..."

India geared for Algorithmic Trading

"India's automated trading environment is growing rapidly. The bulk of volumes have been in top 50 stocks including Bharti Airtel, Reliance and Tata Consultancy Services. Volumes are..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2011-08-05 11:05
Tags: automated trading, financial, market, trading

RTATC2011 ? Day 5 ? Multi-Currency Expert Advisor

"Following the recent success with Z-Score optimization of my MT5 expert advisor for the Automated Trading Championship 2011, I present the next entry in my ..."

ATC Criticism

"Before proceeding to the actual criticism, I feel obliged to mention two important points. First, Automated Trading Championship (ATC) by MetaQuotes is great. Despite what wil..."

Register for Automated Trading Championship 2011

"Another round of the Automated Trading Championship by MetaQuotes is coming — the registration process for ATC 2011 starts today. It’s your chance to win..."


"MT4 marks the newest addition to GFT?s award-winning trading software offeringsGRAND RAPIDS, MI – GFT, a worldwide leader in online currency trading, announced today that it has added MetaTrader..."

Signal Trader presents three new live trading rooms specializing in global indices trading

"Signal Trader, the leading solution for automated trading and live trading rooms, has just launched three new live trading rooms, featuring proprietary traders who specialize in trading on major world..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2011-03-14 19:53
Tags: automated trading, trading

Signal Trader launches automated trading on Forex, Commodities and Indices

"SignalTrader is the latest project of the guys behind Forexpros. Basically this is another take a the growing auto-trading strategies market. Traders can follow other traders’ signals and emulat..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2011-02-11 08:24
Tags: automated trading, brokers, forex, market, rate, trading

ATC 2010 Is Over

"The Automated Trading Championship 2010 (MetaQuotes‘ contest among MetaTrader 5 expert advisors) is now officially over. The last trading day was on December 24 and it has fa..."

ATC 2010 Starts in a Week. Are You Interested?

"Automated Trading Championship (ATC 2010) — one of the biggest events in the world of automated Forex trading — starts in one week from today &..."

Preparing Your EA for Maximum Performance in ATC 2010

"As was the case with most of the Forex trading contests that are held on the demo accounts, in the Automated Trading Championship (ATC) 2010 it’s very imp..."

Automated Trading Championship 2010 Registration Starts

"MetaQuotes has announced the official start of the registration for the Automated Trading Championship 2010 today. It will last for more than three months (until Septembe..."

Interbank FX to sponsor Automated Trading Conference, launches FX Ideas

"Interbank FX, one of the most innovative brokers out there, is launching FX Ideas – a collaborative portal between traders and Interbank, as well as between themselves and will also sponsor the..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2010-05-31 17:51
Tags: automated trading, bank, brokers, trading

Will You Register for Automated Trading Championship 2010?

"MetaQuotes, the company that develops the MetaTrader series of the trading platforms, announced that the registration for their Automated Trading Championship 2010 will s..."

ProForex Blog Awarded!

"I am happy to announce you that my blog was chosen as one of the top 25 forex blogs on the net! Here is the permalink to the site that awarded my blog www.forexreader.comMy blog is placed as number 12..."

Blog: Forex Jornual
Time: 2007-02-19 08:25
Tags: automated trading, forex, indicators, metatrader, rate, trading