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Forex trading online is a interesting way to trade en speculate at the foreign exchange market world wide. For more information about trading our blog listing here will help you to find interesting blogs about forex trading.

Bitcoin news and price charts

Jamie Coleman & Gerry Davies Leave ForexLive to Launch FxBriefs

"Jamie Coleman If you follow forex news portals, one of the fastest growing sites over the last few years has been ForexLive. Founded by Jamie Coleman and Gerry Davies in … [visit site to read mo..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2013-04-10 09:25
Tags: forex, forex news

Don?t Expect the News to Tell You Where EUR/USD Is Going Next

"Retrospective explanations of market moves don’t keep you ahead of the trend By Elliott Wave International On December 27, EUR/USD shot up as high as $1.3283. Forex news headlines were quick to..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2013-01-04 11:10
Tags: dollar, forex, forex news, home sales, market

Risk Appetite Improves on China Data

"High beta currencies gain in forex tradingRisk appetite is improving a bit, thanks in large part to data out of China, and that is helping some of the high beta currencies. Earlier, currencies like th..."

Aussie, Loonie Join the Ranks of Reserve Currencies

"Forex trading news and informationThe International Monetary Fund has asked its member countries to begin including information about loonie and Aussie holdings in their enumerations of reserve assets..." announces the Forex Person of the Year 2011: Michael Greenberg

"Barcelona, January 27th ? Michael Greenberg, Founder of Forex Magnates, has been named ?Forex Person of the Year? by, the independent Forex information website. Forex Magnates is a specia..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2012-01-27 11:58
Tags: forex, forex news, fxstreet, trading

Unemployment Claims Drop in the U.S.

"U.S. dollar higher in currency tradingUnemployment claims in the U.S. dropped a little bit last week, helping U.S. markets get a little boost amidst concerns that the recent stock market rally is abou..."

Forex News Calendar MT4 Indicators

"Hi everyone. I’d like to share with you two very useful indicators that show you the upcoming forex news releases. One is called FFCal and the other Plot News (version 3.0 – last and fina..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2011-08-04 11:06
Tags: forex, forex news, indicators, share

AAAFX Adds CFDs, Gold, Silver and Oil

"Greetings traders. I’ve got a bit of forex news to pass on. ZuluTrade’s recommended broker – AAAFx – just announced that they’re now able to offer their traders the abil..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2011-03-07 09:33
Tags: brokers, forex, forex news, gold, oil, zulutrade

IB Times? integration into Metatrader

"This month, the partnership agreement between MetaQuotes Software Corp. and the global news publisher International Business Times (IBTimes) has come into force. The companies have agreed on the integ..."

Blog: Forex Magnates
Time: 2011-02-23 13:27
Tags: forex, forex news, metatrader

Dow Jones Ramps up Forex Coverage

"In a nod to the growing importance of forex ($4 Trillion per day and growing!), Dow Jones recently announced the development of a new forex news service. While many of the features may only be availab..."

Blog: Forex Blog: Currency Trading
Time: 2011-01-25 17:13
Tags: financial, forex, forex news

Does the U.S. Seriously Think It Can Force China to Do Anything?

"Washington tries to pressure China into yuan appreciationChina's currency peg to the U.S. dollar ensures that the yuan (also called the renminbi) remains weak on the world currency market. Individuals..."

FXCM Acquisition of ODL Markets

"Hi everyone. I’ve got some big forex news that may or may not affect some of you – hopefully for the better though. I just learned today from a member of the Forex Nirvan..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-06-18 07:24
Tags: forex, forex news

News Trading EA ? Now for MetaTrader 5!

"One more MetaTrader expert advisor is now available for MT5. This time it’s Amazing EA, which is used to trade on Forex news. It wasn’t easy to convert this EA because..."

Free forex news calendar software

"Hello fellow forex traders. A buddy of mine on the Forex Nirvana forum posted a link to a free forex news calendar program for windows that I think you’d all find very useful..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-05-17 06:57
Tags: forex, forex news, forex trade

EUR/USD Breaks 1 Year Low as CDS Rises again on European Debt Fear

"Well folks, it looks like the Euro is getting its but kicked by the USD. It seems the safe bet right now is to short the Euro – ie short eur/usd. Here is a forex news blurb fro..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-05-04 15:48
Tags: forex, forex news

Do You Read Forex News?

"The currency market is affected by many news, which at a first glance not always seem to be related to Forex. Meanwhile there are many types of financial, political..."