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Forex trading online is a interesting way to trade en speculate at the foreign exchange market world wide. For more information about trading our blog listing here will help you to find interesting blogs about forex trading.

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PipJet is Now Live ? New EA from the Forex MegaDroid Team!

"Hi everyone. It looks like the Forex MegaDroid team has been quietly working on a new EA and they just officially released it today. Their new EA is called “PipJet” and if I understand th..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2012-06-26 15:48
Tags: currency, currency pair, forex, megadroid

Forex MegaDroid v1.39 now available

"Hey everyone. A quick post here to let you know that a new version of the popular forex robot – Forex Megadroid – has been released. They’re up to version 1.39 now. From what I hear..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2012-06-11 23:25
Tags: forex, forex robot, megadroid

Why FXDD sucks for use with Forex MegaDroid

"Hmm, well, it seems I have to give up trying to use Forex MegaDroid on FXDD. This broker just plain sucks for use with Forex MegaDroid due to the constant high spread during the Asian trading session..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2011-12-13 02:37
Tags: forex, fxdd, megadroid, spread, trading

Forex Megadroid v1.38 upgrade available

"Hello. I’ve got some news for all you Forex Megadroid users. Megadroid v1.38 upgrade is now available for download! Make sure you upgrade to this latest version as it contains some important bu..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2011-12-06 09:43
Tags: forex, megadroid, metatrader

Forex MegaDroid 1.30 Recent Bad Performance

"I don’t know about you guys but Forex MegaDroid v1.30 hasn’t been working out to well for me. In the last while it placed multiple buy orders against the clearly defined..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-08-25 03:13
Tags: bear, forex, megadroid, point

Forex Megadroid Price Dropped to $97

"Hi everyone. I’ve got some interesting news to report regarding the Forex Megadroid robot. I am surprised to find out but apparently the developers have dropped the price of Fo..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-08-12 07:37
Tags: forex, megadroid, report

Forex Megadroid v1.30 Released

"Hello! I’ve got great news for all you Forex Megadroid users. The megadroid developers have released a new version – v1.30 to be specific. The improvements are: 1) a smal..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-08-06 23:38
Tags: forex, megadroid, rate

Forex Megadroid PRO (multi-currency) coming soon

"Hello folks. While I was sifting through a mountain of new e-mail just 5 minutes ago I came across one from the Forex MegaDroid team. Roughly in the middle of this e-mail this senten..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-05-10 11:11
Tags: forex, megadroid

Forex MegaDroid On MB Trading MT4

"In a previous post relating to Forex MegaDroid I mentioned that I have intentions to open up a live MT4 account with the US brokerage firm MB Trading. Well, I finally got that done, and the account i..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-02-23 08:48
Tags: forex, megadroid, trading

Forex Megadroid?s Price Increase Put Back 15 Hours

"Hello everyone. I just got an e-mail from the Forex MegaDroid developers a few minutes ago that basically states that they’ve decided to push back the price increase by 15 hours. Forex Megadroi..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-01-22 17:35
Tags: forex, megadroid

Forex Megadroid?s price is going up to US $149 soon!

"Greetings fellow trader! I hope the market is treating you well and you’re making pips. Now let’s get down to business. As you can tell by the title, this post is related to the popular F..."

Blog: Alan's Forex Blog
Time: 2010-01-20 13:17
Tags: forex, forex trading, market, megadroid, trading