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Forex trading online is a interesting way to trade en speculate at the foreign exchange market world wide. For more information about trading our blog listing here will help you to find interesting blogs about forex trading.

Bitcoin news and price charts

Forex Brokers Update ? January 27th, 2019

"One new company has been listed on during the last two weeks: SquaredDirect — a CySEC-regulated broker with a wide range of account types aiming at..."

Bitcoin Cash Merchant Directory Marco Coino Surpasses 500 Listings

"Over the last year bitcoin cash adoption has been thriving and in certain regions, BCH merchants are spreading like wildfire. Thanks to a slew of cryptocurrency payment processors and people pressing..."

Time: 2018-10-20 08:55
Tags: bitcoin, currency, spread

Europe, Japan and the ?Drug? of Quantitative Easing

"Last month, examined the problem of quantitative easing (QE) and its impact on the U.S., and how such policies have spread to the rest of the world. This month, we continue to drill d..."

Time: 2018-10-10 21:20
Tags: bitcoin, currency, dollar, spread

EUR/USD Rises as US Treasury, German-Italian Bond Spread Fall

"EUR/USD gained today as US Treasury yields paused a rally. Additionally, the German-Italian bond spread narrowed, signaling that concerns about the Italian budget eased a bit..."

Exchanges Roundup: Glen Oaks Escrow Supports Crypto, Binance to Delist 4 Altcoins

"In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, Glen Oaks Escrow has announced that it has partnered with Bitpay to support cryptocurrency payments and Binance has revealed that it will delist..."

Time: 2018-10-10 14:10
Tags: bitcoin, currency, etoro, market, spread

Major Indian Exchange Unocoin Launching Crypto ATMs

"A major cryptocurrency exchange in India, Unocoin, has confirmed that it is launching crypto ATMs. While a formal announcement has not been made, an image of one of the exchange’s ATMs spreading..."

Time: 2018-10-10 00:20
Tags: announcement, bitcoin, currencies, currency, spread

Weiss Ratings Backtracks After Tipping Ethereum to Beat Bitcoin

"Weiss, the financial ratings agency that recently took a shine to cryptocurrency, has caught flak over its latest claim. After Weiss Ratings issued a tweet predicting BTC to lose 50% of its market sha..."

Time: 2018-09-20 16:00
Tags: bitcoin, currency, financial, market, share, spread

PBOC Provides Update on Its Crypto Prevention Efforts

"The People?s Bank of China (PBOC) has issued a statement detailing its efforts to stop and prevent crypto and initial coin offering activities in the country. The bank outlines measures against the wi..."

Time: 2018-09-19 12:55
Tags: bank, bitcoin, spread, trading

Public Anger Forces Bank CFO to Quit Over Huge Money Laundering Affair

"Bank executives rarely get punished for their misdeeds, leading to many people distrusting the entire banking system as plagued with widespread corruption. But once in a while someone has to bite the..."

Time: 2018-09-12 22:10
Tags: bank, bitcoin, bull, spread

India Law Enforcement to File Charges Monday in $2.7M Coinsecure Wallet Hack

"Law enforcement authorities in New Delhi will file charges on Monday in the Coinsecure hack case. Coinsecure was a large cryptocurrency exchange allegedly wallet-hacked back in April of this year. It..."

Time: 2018-09-09 00:55
Tags: bitcoin, currency, spread

Exchanges Round-Up: Price Spread and Institutions, Brazil Surveys Exchanges

"In recent news pertaining to exchanges, Sfox has attributed a reducing spread in the price of BTC across exchanges to the increased presence of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency markets, B..."

Time: 2018-09-01 19:05
Tags: bitcoin, currency, market, spread

Wormhole Developers Address Rumors Concerning Protocol Security

"On August 1 reported on the Wormhole project and the BCH burned to create Wormhole Cash (WHC) tokens. Since then there?s been a lot happening in the BCH environment, and Wormhole deve..."

Time: 2018-08-31 17:45
Tags: bitcoin, report, spread

Yahoo! Finance Rolls Out Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, Litecoin Trading

"?The virus is spreading,? tweeted Morgan Creek Digital?s Founder & Partner Anthony Pompliano at the news Yahoo! Finance (YF) had integrated bitcoin core (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and litecoin (LTC) i..."

Time: 2018-08-31 09:00
Tags: bitcoin, currency, finance, rate, spread, trading

Malta Tops Exchange-Based Crypto Trade, Russia Leads in OTC Volume

"Jurisdictions with crypto-friendly legislation or comprehensive regulations in place are leading in terms of exchange-based cryptocurrency trading. According to a new study, however, over the counter..."

Time: 2018-08-12 18:10
Tags: bitcoin, currency, currency trading, spread, trading

Researchers Discover Huge Crypto Scam Botnet on Twitter

"Researchers have uncovered a large botnet that mimics legitimate accounts on Twitter to spread a cryptocurrency "giveaway" scam."

Blog: CoinDesk
Time: 2018-08-07 16:42
Tags: currency, spread

Narrower U.S. Non-Manufacturing Advantage Last Month Versus Euro Area

"The July spread between the ISM non-manufacturing U.S. purchasing managers index and IHS’s service-sector PMI for the euro area was 2.4 points smaller than June’s differential. In combinat..."

Blog: Currency Thoughts
Time: 2018-08-03 16:58
Tags: point, report, spread

U.S.-Minus-Euroland Manufacturing PMI Spread Narrowed Sharply Last Month

"Mfg PMIs U.S. Euroland Spread EUR/USD Jan 2013 53.1 47.9 +5.2 1.330 February 53.1 47.9 +5.2 1.334 March 51.5 46.8 +4.7 1.295 April 50.0 46.7 +3.3 1.301 May 50.0 48.3 +1.7 1.299 June 52.5 48.8 +3.7 1.3..."

Blog: Currency Thoughts
Time: 2018-08-01 17:34
Tags: spread

Canada: GDP by industry, May 2018

"Real gross domestic product (GDP) was up 0.5% in May, after increasing 0.1% in April. The rise was widespread as 19 of 20 industrial sectors registered increases. The output of goods-producing industr..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2018-07-31 15:14
Tags: oil, spread

Coinbase Flexes Political Muscle, Beating While Joining Them

"Widespread reporting revealed the United States? largest cryptocurrency bank, Coinbase, has formed a political action committee (PAC). This is the debate. Is onboarding broader sectors, mainstream fol..."

Time: 2018-07-24 07:25
Tags: bank, bitcoin, currency, report, spread

PR: genEOS ? Blockchain 4.0 for Business Announced ? Crowdsale Is Launched

"Blockchain technology promises to transform business processes, bringing automated record-keeping and turning entirely secure, distributed, decentralized, and scalable applications into a new norm in..."

Time: 2018-07-13 11:30
Tags: bitcoin, spread

1 Million Computers Hacked to Mine $2 Million-Worth of Cryptos

"Hackers reportedly reaped more than $2 million in different cryptocurrencies after spreading malware across computers in China. "

Blog: CoinDesk
Time: 2018-07-09 11:00
Tags: currencies, report, spread

New US Made Car Prices Would Also Rise After Tariffs

"Prices of new cars and trucks could jump by several thousand dollars in the U.S. if President Donald Trump follows through on his threat to raise tariffs on imports. The same likely would hold true ev..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2018-07-03 19:01
Tags: dollar, spread

U.S. Advantage Versus Euroland Swelled Last Month in Manufacturing

"A 5.3-point differential in June between the ISM-compiled U.S. manufacturing purchasing managers index and the IHS-compiled euro area manufacturing PMI represented the widest U.S. advantage in 43 mont..."

Blog: Currency Thoughts
Time: 2018-07-02 19:43
Tags: point, spread

But Why? Crypto Looks for Answers As Facebook Eases Ad Ban

"Facebook recently announced they would lift a ban on crypto advertisements causing widespread speculation on social media over potential next steps. "

Blog: CoinDesk
Time: 2018-06-27 23:35
Tags: spread

Forex Brokers Update ? June 10th, 2018

"The last two weeks has brought in a new Forex broker listing: Equiti Global Markets — a regulated UK company with strong presence in the Middle East. They offe..."

Crypto Manga ? Comic Book Series to Spread Cryptocurrency Awareness

"The first issue of a crypto comic book series called Shonen Crypto has been released. Readers can learn about various aspects of cryptocurrencies as they follow the characters in this manga which aims..."

Time: 2018-06-10 04:40
Tags: bitcoin, currencies, currency, spread

Latin American NGOs Embark Upon Tour to Promote Bitcoin in Argentina

"?Bitcoineta?, a cryptocurrency awareness program conceived by non-profit organizations, Bitcoin Argentina, and Bitcoin Americana has commenced. The campaign will comprise a minivan boldly donning the..."

Time: 2018-06-07 05:20
Tags: bitcoin, currency, profit, spread

Crypto Point-of-Sale Devices Begin Roll-Out in Indonesia Despite Ban

"A network of cryptocurrency enabled Point-of-Sale (POS) payment devices has begun to spread in Indonesia, despite the ban by the central bank. Pundi X is laying the groundwork for Indonesian merchants..."

Time: 2018-06-04 16:30
Tags: bank, bitcoin, currencies, currency, point, spread

Prague Subway System Now Has Ten New Bitcoin ATMs

"One of the largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturers in the world, General Bytes, has recently installed ten new cryptocurrency ATMs throughout the Prague subway in the Czech Republic. Now commuters riding th..."

Time: 2018-05-28 10:20
Tags: bitcoin, currency, manufacture, spread

Will Oil Sanctions Follow For Venezuela?

"The U.S. is almost certainly preparing to impose targeted crude sanctions against Venezuela, analysts told CNBC on Monday, in a move likely to constitute a “devastating” blow for the oil-d..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2018-05-21 14:39
Tags: oil, spread

The Privacy Coin Matrix: A Comprehensive Spreadsheet of Anonymous Digital Assets

"After delving into the world of cryptocurrencies one can see that good majority of digital asset proponents are big fans of privacy and anonymity. Just recently a spreadsheet document was published th..."

Time: 2018-05-21 01:20
Tags: bitcoin, currencies, spread

U.S Dollar Rises on Higher Yields, EM pairs suffer

"Wednesday May 9: Five things the markets are talking about The threat of an increase in geopolitical tension in the Middle East is weighing on global sentiment just as concern spread over the implicat..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2018-05-09 12:15
Tags: dollar, market, spread

Bitcoin Cash Fund and Yeewallet Plan to Airdrop 20 BCH

"On Tuesday, May 8, the Bitcoin Cash Fund and the Yeewallet team announced a partnership that aims to further spread bitcoin cash (BCH) adoption. The organizations’ plan to bolster BCH adoption b..."

Time: 2018-05-08 01:45
Tags: bank, bitcoin, spread

Richard Branson Speaks Out Against Fake Bitcoin Stories and Scams

"British entrepreneur Richard Branson has spoken out over the ?worrying? spread of bitcoin scam stories and ads. Some of the most common are false endorsements and fake binary trading schemes, he warns..."

Time: 2018-05-05 07:35
Tags: bitcoin, report, spread, trading

IOTA Supporters: Tweeting a News Link Is ?Spreading FUD?

"The list of crimes to earn the opprobrium of IOTA fans is growing by the day. Journalists who fail to pen fawning hagiographies of David Sønstebø and his team are singled out for persecution by IOTA a..."

Time: 2018-05-02 06:14
Tags: bitcoin, report, spread

Cryptocurrency Mining Accounted for 10% of AMD?s Overall Revenue in Q1 2018

"The cryptocurrency mining industry is spread all over the world and includes everyone from small miners with a few GPUs at home to vast datacenters with both ASICs and racks of endless GPUs. As such..."

Time: 2018-04-27 08:45
Tags: bitcoin, currency, market, spread

Quebec Chief Scientist Rejects ?Myth? of Widespread Illicit Bitcoin Use

"The Chief Scientist of Quebec, Rémi Quirion, has published a document rejecting the popular ?myth? that illicit transactions are among those for which bitcoin is principally used. Quebec?s Chief Scien..."

Time: 2018-04-25 08:20
Tags: bitcoin, spread

Hobbyist in Hell: Tracking My Crypto Assets for the Taxman

"The spreadsheet got more and more complicated, until one day it took two minutes to load. "

Blog: CoinDesk
Time: 2018-04-15 13:30
Tags: spread

ABC Developer Amaury Séchet on the Future of Bitcoin Cash

"At the bitcoin cash-focused Tokyo event, Satoshi?s Vision Conference, many movers and shakers and cryptocurrency luminaries got together with product manager Mike Malley to discuss on-ch..."

Time: 2018-04-04 17:20
Tags: bitcoin, currency, spread

Okex Fights Market Manipulation Rumors Following Painful Futures Contracts Rollback

"Okex has made another announcement regarding its decision to roll back futures contracts after clients were hurt by massive liquidations. The company apologized again for the inconvenience, tried to a..."

Time: 2018-04-04 15:00
Tags: announcement, bitcoin, currency, market, spread

PBOC to Strengthen Cryptocurrency Regulations in 2018

"The People?s Bank of China (PBOC)?s Institute of International Finance has released a report identifying cryptocurrencies as a top priority for 2018. The document claims that widespread retail investm..."

Time: 2018-03-31 15:30
Tags: bank, bitcoin, currencies, currency, finance, investment, report, spread

Deleveraging Bitcoin

"Bitcoin traded down at US$6,617 on the first-day of the long Easter weekend on Friday ? its lowest-level since February 6 when it broke below US$6,000, as new European Union (EU) rules aimed at reduci..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2018-03-31 00:54
Tags: bitcoin, brokers, leverage, spread

80,000 New Merchants in Europe Gain Option to Accept Crypto

"Vilnius-based Coingate, cryptocurrency payment gateway for European merchants, is teaming with Paris-based Prestashop, an open source ecommerce solution. The combination means more choices for cryptoc..."

Time: 2018-03-27 10:00
Tags: bitcoin, currency, spread

No, ?Elon Musk? on Twitter Is Not Giving Away Any Cryptocurrency

"A British news agency teamed with Chainalysis to uncover just how rampant cryptocurrency Twitter scams are and the methods employed. Using well-regarded tech personalities such as Elon Musk, tens of t..."

Time: 2018-03-20 16:20
Tags: bitcoin, currency, dollar, spread

US State Exempts Cryptocurrencies From Property Taxes

"While some governments around the world, both local and national, are taking steps to try and limit the spread of the use of cryptocurrencies, many others are trying to ensure their citizens are free..."

Time: 2018-03-19 02:00
Tags: bitcoin, currencies, spread

Bitcoiners Demand More Crypto CFDs and Spread-Betting in the UK

"The UK’s CMC Markets Plc announced it would offer cryptocurrency contracts for difference (CFDs) and spread-betting, accessible at first to professional traders. Though too soon to call a trend..."

Time: 2018-03-19 01:30
Tags: bitcoin, currency, market, spread

Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh Launches Crypto-Fueled ?Book Bomb?

"The American libertarian and anti-war political activist, Adam Kokesh, is running for the 59th quadrennial U.S. presidential election in 2020. Kokesh says his platform is simple, because as soon as he..."

Time: 2018-03-17 03:00
Tags: bitcoin, spread

New York Legislator Proposes BitLicense Alternative for Cryptocurrency Users

"New York State Assembly legislator Ron Kim (D-40) has unveiled a bill that intends to protect cryptocurrency investors and ease the bureaucratic burden on crypto-related businesses. It?s the first..."

Week in Review: ?Defining? Moments in Cryptocurrencies

"While Japan has been cracking down more on cryptocurrency exchanges recently, we see the state of Wyoming opening things up to make the state more attractive to the technology. At the same time, th..."

The Wealthy Want Crypto but Don?t Understand It, Survey Shows

"The world?s richest people are putting more and more money into cryptocurrency, despite the fact they don?t understand it very well, a new report reveals. Terms like “distributed ledger” a..."

Time: 2018-03-08 02:58
Tags: bitcoin, currency, report, spread

Court Strikes Down Ban on 40 Bitcoin Sites in Russia

"Saint Petersburg City Court has struck down a ban on 40 bitcoin related websites offering information about cryptocurrencies and exchange services in Russia. The ban was imposed by a district court in..."

Time: 2018-03-01 12:55
Tags: bitcoin, currencies, spread

Op-Ed: The Potentially Fatal Flaw of Open-Source Blockchain Protocols

"The most important question to ask any decentralized blockchain protocol is: ?How do you protect your protocol from ?incumbent? companies?? While many emerging protocols promise disintermediated co..."

Blog: Bitcoin Magazine
Time: 2018-02-27 15:33
Tags: bitcoin, dollar, market, point, profit, rate, share, spread

Will Lightning Help or Hurt Bitcoin Privacy?

"As the reality of faster, cheaper bitcoin payments approaches via the Lighting Network, concerns are spreading about the privacy it will offer."

Blog: CoinDesk
Time: 2018-02-24 14:00
Tags: bitcoin, spread

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Faces Pivotal Support as Bulls Exhaust Buying Pressure

"After seeing a rally to the $11,000s, bitcoin has managed to pull back to the $9,000 range and has left many bullish investors confused. The initial bullish rally seemed promising as it broke the m..."

Op-ed: How Decentralized Protocols Are Threatening Traditional Business Models

"Corporates, suits and CEOs of traditional companies beware: decentralized protocols powered by blockchain technology are redefining your traditional business models, and you should be worried. Busi..."

Blog: Bitcoin Magazine
Time: 2018-02-19 17:03
Tags: bank, bitcoin, currency, margin, market, oil, profit, rate, share, shares, spread

Sidechains: Why These Researchers Think They Solved a Key Piece of the Puzzle

"New blockchains are born all the time. Bitcoin was the lone blockchain for years, but now there are hundreds. The problem is, if you want to use the features offered on another blockchain, you have..."

Blog: Bitcoin Magazine
Time: 2018-02-19 14:12
Tags: bank, bitcoin, currency, financial, point, rate, share, shares, spread

India?s Tax Department Issues Notices to 100,000 Crypto Investors

"India’s Income Tax Department recently announced that it has issued notices to 100,000 cryptocurrency investors. The announcement came in light of government surveys into the operations of multi..."

Time: 2018-02-10 12:55
Tags: announcement, bitcoin, currency, currency trade, finance, spread

Dallas Fed Chief Says Higher Wages Does not Equal Faster Inflation

"Higher wages in the United States will not necessarily lead to faster inflation, Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said in Frankfurt on Wednesday. His comments countered widespread market speculation..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2018-02-07 16:22
Tags: inflation, market, spread

Bank of America Becomes the Latest Credit Card-Issuer to Ban Bitcoin

"U.S. banks really aren?t big on bitcoin. That?s the inference to be drawn from a widespread crypto crackdown led by major financial institutions. Bank of America, the country?s second largest bank, is..."

Time: 2018-02-04 02:14
Tags: bank, bitcoin, currency, financial, spread

PR: All Crypto ? Friendly Venues Are Finally Listed in One App ? CryptoFind

"CryptoFind App by GRAFT Blockchain discovers nearby venues that accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Basically, it's a self-spreading network, linking crypto-savvy buyers and merchants. For the very fi..."

Time: 2018-01-31 12:30
Tags: bitcoin, currencies, currency, rate, spread

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Potential Bearish Continuation Sets Up Lower Lows

"Shortly after a sharp drop from the mid $14,000 to the lower $9,000s, bitcoin saw a strong bounce to the upper $11,000s. At the time of this article, bitcoin appears to be consolidating and is read..."

Credit Suisse Argues Irrational Exuberance Around ICOs Indicates Bitcoin Bubble

"In a paper written in the fall of 2017 and published on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) on Friday, January 12, 2018, Credit Suisse?s Dietmar Peetz and Gregory Mall argue that the boom in..."

Telegram Followers ? The New Metric for Cryptocurrency Success

"Cryptocurrencies are gauged by the size of their market cap. It?s a crude reckoner, but it?s good enough for most purposes. But what about projects that have yet to issue their coins or host their tok..."

Time: 2018-01-15 15:55
Tags: bitcoin, currencies, currency, market, spread

Forex Brokers Update ? January 14th, 2018

"The first brokers update post this year is not very rich on the news, but features a new broker: ATFX — a Cyprus-based regulated Forex broker with $200 minimum acco..."

Kentucky Fried Chicken Canada Launches ?Bitcoin Bucket?

"Bitcoiners in the past few days have witnessed mainstream media spreading rumors about South Korea?s ban on cryptocurrency. This, as always, caused some panic selling. But hey, don?t be upset. Colonel..."

Time: 2018-01-13 04:00
Tags: bitcoin, currency, spread

Telegram?s Privacy-Focused User Base Could Be TON Blockchain?s Killer App

"In December 2017, an interesting rumor surfaced: According to ?sources familiar with the matter,? the messaging app Telegram, very popular among crypto-enthusiasts for its strong encryption and pri..."

Chinese Authorities Ask Local Miners to Submit Monthly Status Reports

"Xinjiang Province regulators have issued an official document informing local bitcoin miners to submit status reports on a specific schedule. Also Read: Japanese ?Virtual Currency Girls? Spreading Cry..."

Time: 2018-01-07 23:30
Tags: bitcoin, currency, report, spread

Japanese ?Virtual Currency Girls? Spreading Cryptocurrency Knowledge

"Japanese female idols have teamed up to form the ‘Virtual Currency Girls’ group to promote the knowledge of cryptocurrencies through entertainment. Each of its 8 members represents a crypt..."

Time: 2018-01-07 14:30
Tags: bitcoin, currencies, currency, spread

Iranian Bitcoin Adoption Surges Amid Political Protests and Censorship

"Reports are indicating that Iranian bitcoin adoption is continuing to grow despite the current political turmoil gripping the nation. Also Read: Bitcoin Use in Iran Welcomed by Nation?s High Council o..."

Time: 2018-01-05 17:57
Tags: bitcoin, oil, report, spread

Manufacturing Activity Grew Last Month at a Faster Pace in the U.S. and Euro Area

"The U.S.-minus-Euroland PMI spread narrowed to -0.9 percentage points in December from -1.9 percentage points in November. The ISM’s U.S. index rose to a 3-month high of 59.7% from 58.2%, and IH..."

Blog: Currency Thoughts
Time: 2018-01-03 17:58
Tags: point, spread

Iran Protests Lift Oil To Start The Year

"Oil finishes the year positively and receives a boost in Asia as protests in Iran escalate and spread across the country. Oil ended 2017 on a positive note, as falling inventories globally and strong..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2018-01-02 08:45
Tags: oil, spread

Cryptocurrency Influencers Accused of Aiding Pump and Dumps

"Social media influencers are marketing manna, coveted for their highly engaged audience who hang on their every word. Sites such as Tomoson and Meltwater link brands with influencers who are eager to..."

Time: 2017-12-28 19:30
Tags: bitcoin, currency, market, spread

Is South Korea?s Decision to Limit Cryptocurrency Speculation a Positive?

"South Korea’s decision to further regulate speculation in cryptocurrency trading is “quite positive,” according to BitSpread Founder and CEO Cedric Jeanson.”I think it’s..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2017-12-28 12:04
Tags: currencies, currency, currency trading, spread, trading

New Cryptocurrency Mining Bot Is Infesting Facebook Messenger

"Cyber security researchers found a new type of malware spreading across the world via the Facebook Messenger app. This malicious bot is using the many computers it has infected to mine cryptocurrency..."

Time: 2017-12-25 18:55
Tags: bitcoin, currency, spread

PR: Mattereum and InsurePal Sign Letter of Intent to Collaborate on Effective Mass Use of Blockchain

"The Central Issue for Blockchain Expansion is Trust Mattereum and InsurePal signed a letter of intent to collaborate in using blockchain to empower individual users of the technology, recognising that..."

Time: 2017-12-20 12:30
Tags: bitcoin, rate, spread

Howard Stern and Saturday Night Live Reference Bitcoin as Popularity Grows

"The Year of Bitcoin is finishing strong, as its spread into the mainstream, from finance to popular culture, gains traction apace with its price increases. From The Big Bang Theory dedicating a bitcoi..."

Time: 2017-12-12 05:30
Tags: bitcoin, currency, finance, spread

PR: Waste to Energy Blockchain 4New Secures Funding for Service to Rival Bitcoin

"LONDON - 4NEW, the company operating Waste to Energy treatment plants today announced a series of groundbreaking developments. 4NEW has successfully secured $30.5 million USD from institutional invest..."

Time: 2017-12-08 12:30
Tags: bitcoin, rate, spread

Euroland?s PMI Advantages Versus the U.S. Extended in November

"Whereas the U.S. non-manufacturing purchasing managers index fell 2.7 points to a 3-month low of 57.4 in November, Euroland’s service-sector PMI rose to a six-month high of 56.2. The resulting 1..."

Blog: Currency Thoughts
Time: 2017-12-05 21:53
Tags: point, spread

New York Assemblyman Proposes Digital Currency Task Force

"A few new bills have been proposed by New York state officials concerning the implications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. One of the bills sponsored by the democratic assemblyman Clyde..."

Time: 2017-12-05 07:55
Tags: bitcoin, currencies, currency, financial, market, spread

The Ethereum Blockchain is Congested by Cats

"Even though Bitcoin is much larger than Ethereum it isn?t the only blockchain to suffer scaling issues: the ethereum network is presently experiencing a transaction backlog. The cause of the commotion..."

Time: 2017-12-04 20:55
Tags: bitcoin, spread

Wrangling Data For Enterprise: Blockchain Company Libra Launches Crypto Office

"Libra, a developer of blockchain tax and auditing software, has launched Crypto Office, a new product aimed at the industry?s biggest players: exchanges, market makers and hedge funds.The company w..."

Bitcoin Cash Community Creates Grassroots Funding Initiative

"Just recently a fundraiser was initiated by a long-time bitcoiner, Paul Wasensteiner, who is very passionate about spreading the benefits of the decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin cash (BCH). Wasens..."

Time: 2017-11-25 14:58
Tags: bitcoin, currency, spread

Bitcoin Exchange Globitex Granted European Electronic Money License

"Globitex, a new bitcoin exchange co-founded by former Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis, is announcing that its parent Globitex Holding (Latvia) group company NexPay UAB has been gr..."

Chinese Power Company Responds to Document Indicating Mining Crackdown

"The Chinese state-owned State Grid Sichuan Ganzi Prefecture Electric Power Co, Ltd. has responded to the widespread circulation of a document bearing the official stamp of the company that appeared to..."

Time: 2017-11-15 21:25
Tags: bear, bitcoin, spread

Bitcoin Gold Issues Daily Updates, Adds Replay Protection

"After a bumpy roll-out and widespread criticism regarding the project’s supposed secrecy, Bitcoin Gold’s development team has taken to daily updates in an effort to help push the project a..."

Time: 2017-11-03 05:30
Tags: bitcoin, gold, spread

WTI Oil Enters Backwardation

"Oil traders just provided another sign that the market is rebalancing. The WTI calendar spread for the next six months moved from “contango” into “backwardation” Tuesday. To ex..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2017-11-01 16:05
Tags: market, oil, spread

These International Bitcoin Communities Are Rejecting SegWit2x

"The hard fork part of the New York Agreement is scheduled to take place within about two weeks. This incompatible protocol rule change is set to increase Bitcoin?s block weight limit, to allow for..."

Blog: Bitcoin Magazine
Time: 2017-10-31 15:55
Tags: bitcoin, currency, financial, market, point, profit, rate, spread

Forex Brokers Update ? October 29th, 2017

"One new Forex broker has been listed on during this week: FXB Trading — an unregulated offshore broker with MT4 and MT5 platforms. The minimum account size..."

BitGive Launches Bitcoin Donation Platform GiveTrack

"BitGive Foundation, a nonprofit organization, announced the launch of the beta version of GiveTrack, a blockchain-based platform that allows donors to donate bitcoin to charitable causes and track..."

Blog: Bitcoin Magazine
Time: 2017-10-24 17:26
Tags: announcement, bitcoin, finance, profit, spread

PR: Hedge Token Platform Launched Its Flagship Cryptocurrency Index Named ?Buchman Crypto 30 Index? for Effective Crypto Trading & Investments Content

"Crypto Market Overview Cryptocurrencies are not uncommon thing these days. Most of the institutional as well as individual traders and investors holds a significant percentage of cryptocurrencies in t..."

Time: 2017-10-23 19:30
Tags: bitcoin, currencies, currency, investment, market, profit, spread, trading

Visa Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Digital Asset Network

"Last week, the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) published the details of Visa?s new patent application. The credit card giant?s plans for the digital asset network are quite broad; how..."

Blog: Bitcoin Magazine
Time: 2017-08-24 15:59
Tags: bank, bitcoin, financial, spread, visa

Forex Brokers Update ? August 20th, 2017

"One new broker has been added to the list of FX companies on our website this week: Global Prime — a regulated Australian broker with MT4 platform and $500 min..."

Forex Brokers Update ? April 29th, 2017

"The list of changes to the Forex brokers on looks like this for the current week: HYCM is regulated by CySEC. Vistabrokers reduced the maximu..."

Bitfinex Price Spreads Bring Uncertainty to Bitcoin?s Price Rally

"One week has passed since bitcoin exchange Bitfinex announced issues with banking partners and halted fiat withdrawals for its customers. Since then the price of bitcoin has been rallying upwards reac..."

Time: 2017-04-27 15:30
Tags: bank, bitcoin, spread

Macron Resumes Campaigning After Facing Criticism

"French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron returns to the campaign trail Wednesday after widespread criticism that a victory dinner he offered his team Sunday was premature and inappropriate given..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2017-04-26 12:40
Tags: spread

The Great Price Divide Widens During Bitcoin?s 2017 Rise

"Over the course of the past week, many traders have been discussing the significant price differences between exchanges. Most notably, the spread between Bitfinex and a majority of other exchangesR..."

Time: 2017-04-24 18:00
Tags: bitcoin, rate, spread

More Bitcoin Exchanges Fall Victim to Banking Problems

"Following Bitfinex’s announcement to disable fiat deposits, more bitcoin exchanges are having the same issue. The other trading platforms have also disabled incoming USD wire transfers, citing b..."

Time: 2017-04-19 22:30
Tags: announcement, bank, bitcoin, spread, trading

Possible Scenarios for French Presidential Election

"This Sunday’s French Presidential race is a massive event for the EUR, and the significance has not been lost on capital markets with German Bund yields’ trading atop of this year lows. Th..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2017-04-19 17:36
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Forex Brokers Update ? April 16th, 2017

"One new broker has been added to list this week: Circle Markets — an MT4 broker based and regulated in New Zealand. It offers trading accounts starting fro..."

China to Adopt New Rules to Improve Economic Data Quality

"China is set to adopt new rules to prevent officials from falsifying statistics to help improve the quality of data, the cabinet said on Wednesday. There has long been widespread global scepticism abo..."

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Time: 2017-04-12 14:52
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