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Forex trading online is a interesting way to trade en speculate at the foreign exchange market world wide. For more information about trading our blog listing here will help you to find interesting blogs about forex trading.

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Markets Caught Between Opposing Forces

"Markets Caught Between Opposing Forces   Equity Markets US equities finished mostly higher but of their tops as energy shares started to take profits following a Presidential Tweet promising to announ..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2018-05-08 02:00
Tags: market, profit, share, shares, take profit

Reflation Rally Pauses as Safe Haven Flows Recover

"Friday February 17: Five things the markets are talking about The dollar, sovereign yields and global equities have drifted lower as political turbulence in the U.S. pushes investors to take profits o..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2017-02-17 13:15
Tags: dollar, market, profit, take profit

West TX Oil Drops Below $59.50

"Oil prices fell on Thursday morning in Asian trading after hitting 2015-highs in the previous session as traders moved to take profits on a multi-week rally. The first drawdown in U.S. crude inventori..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2015-05-07 05:35
Tags: dollar, oil, profit, take profit, trading

EUR/USD Steady Around 1.1250

"The embattled euro held onto modest gains early on Tuesday, having bounced off an 11-year trough as investors decided to take profits on extremely bearish positions. The common currency last traded at..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2015-01-27 02:26
Tags: bear, currency, profit, take profit

U.S. Dollar Remains Lower

"The dollar nursed hefty losses early on Wednesday following a brutal shakeout of bullish positions as investors found excuses to take profits as the year-end loomed. Spooking markets, political uncert..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2014-12-10 02:37
Tags: bull, dollar, market, profit, take profit

Dollar Halts Rally Despite Supportive Data

"Today’s economic reports from the United States were good across the board, making it surprising that the dollar was unable to maintain its rally against the euro. Perha..."

Gold Drops on Take Profit Sales

"Gold futures fell as a rally to a three-month high yesterday spurred selling. Gold will probably trade in a range of $150 an ounce this year, as opposed to about $500 last year and $300 in 2012, said..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2014-02-13 16:48
Tags: bull, currency, gold, market, profit, take profit, trading

Europe Gives Market Concern

"Worries about Europe gave stocks agita Monday for the first time in months, and it may be the excuse to take profits from the new year rally. The Dow saw its worst decline since late December, falling..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2013-02-05 04:54
Tags: point, profit, take profit

UK Pound Gets a Little Boost

"Sterling in currency tradingUK pound has been getting a bit of a boost today in forex trading on the currency market. Sterling is a little bit higher after some solid international shopping in high st..."

US Dollar Mixed against Majors

"Greenback in currency tradingUS dollar is mixed against the major currencies today in forex trading on the currency market. Greenback is lower against the pound and the yen, but higher against the eur..."

forexlions2 ? the latest forex signal provider on ZuluTrade

"Hi from ZuluTrade! Check out the latest system additions on ZuluTrade! This newsletter is about suggesting systems you should test on your demo account! forexlions2 “My strategy is based on a p..."

Greenback Drops Against Commodity Currencies

"US dollar in forex tradingGreenback is lower against commodity currencies today as oil prices pare losses, and as gold prices surge higher. While gold prices still remain below $1,600 an ounce, they a..."

Gold Continues Sell-Off

"Gold continued to fall today following yesterday’s decline of more than $100 to mark its largest single-day decline in nearly two years. Speculation that the Federal Reserve will announce furthe..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2011-08-25 15:55
Tags: gold, profit, take profit

Forex Week in Review: April 10-15

"This week the dollar had the ‘classic’ opportunity to rally aggressively. Global risk appetite has subsided, commodity currencies have softened and investors were willing to take profit. I..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2011-04-15 19:02
Tags: bank, currencies, dollar, oil, profit, take profit

Dollar not Sick it?s Terminal

"This week the dollar has had the classic opportunity to rally aggressively. Global risk appetite has subsided, commodity currencies have fallen and investors were willing to take profit. Instead, we h..."

Blog: OANDA Forex Blog
Time: 2011-04-12 12:26
Tags: bank, currencies, dollar, profit, take profit

Trading Psychology- Accepting the Risk

"Trading psychology is the most important aspect of a trader's success.Trading Psychology- Accepting the Risk Accepting the risk of each trade is not easy, especially for inexperienced traders. Of cou..."

Blog: Global Forex Blog
Time: 2010-02-24 10:08
Tags: profit, take profit, trading

Simple Forex strategies

"I havent't recently updated this blog because, i am currently more focused on Stock Market, and system for sports betting which i recently created. When i will finish it, i wil give you link to this s..."